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Why LosTraficante.com

Founded in 2004 as a music website, we have captured a wide audience that keeps people coming. With free music, mixes, party pictures and videos we have brought a wide array of audiences the partiers, the music enthusiasts, the average joe and even Latino tabloid followers

Traffic 10TB+

With thousands of media files such as music singles, mixes, party pictures and videos our traffic exceeds 10TB per month

500K+ Average Page Views

We have an average 500,000+ page views per month

9+ years of experience

Recognized as a leader in music promotion worldwide and events promotions in NYC.

1K+ events

Over the years we've had thousands of events such as Dominican Day parade, club invasions, birthday bashes, live artist concerts and more.

SoundCloud visibility

If your promotion piece is a song/single your song will also get the additional advantage of being on our SoundCloud account